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Imagine IT

Who Should Design It? Imagine it, a corporate software solution to transform your company and stomp the competition. How do you design that? The first step is to help you envision the perfect solution. Who has the clearest vision of your company’s future? Is it your IT department? It’s you and your senior management team. Your IT guys just talk about bits and bytes. You talk about your company all the time. You and your management team have the vision. You know exactly where you want to take your company. If you can see it, you can build It! It’s no different with software, the vision is the key. Capture that vision and improve on it. Imagine the perfect solution, without limits.  We don't want to just get requirements; We want you to imagine a solution that would make a real difference for your business.


Create IT

The Biggest Challenge is Implementation! How do you get it created? As you know, the biggest challenge in business is not the idea, its implementation. When you’re successful, you achieve the competitive advantage. Working with a small team is the key to a successful project. Remember, it may be a large solution, but it’s not a large project. Small is beautiful for corporate software projects. Large teams are great, for digging a tunnel. The more shovels the better. For corporate software, where communication is critical, too many people dramatically slow the project. The application is done in small steps called prototypes, for all to see and try, including you and your senior management team. One prototype will generate even better ideas for the next prototype and the application will begin to take shape.


Validate IT

What group of people is in the best position to determine if the solution works and is right for your company? It’s the people who are going to use it, business people, and end users. Select one from each department to be effected by the new solution. They will simulate a real production environment, by selecting a small volume of data, but still broad enough in scope to recreate a “day in the life” of your company. This will result in a “model” for production deployment. Once they use the solution, they’ll have more ideas for improvements. They are experts in their departments. Their feedback will contribute even more to the value of the solution.


Enjoy IT

What do you think the ramifications would be for your IT department, and your IT budget, if there were never any changes made to your new solution? 80% of your IT budget would just drop to the bottom line. Chaos-theory tells us that, once we extensively test our solution, the disruption caused by further dabbling will generate more problems than it will solve. That is precisely why we have a problem today keeping software working. If you heard your IT department was making changes to Microsoft Office, you would probably think it was a bad idea (and you would be right). The same attitude toward your custom-developed corporate software will pay huge dividends. If it does not affect the bottom line or limit a person from doing their job then don’t change it.


Repeat IT

Eventually your perfect solution will become obsolete or you will think of a better way to manage something, Wonderful. Throw it away and repeat the process. Next time, you will have even better ideas for continuously increasing profits.

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Customers, Vendors, Inventory, and Orders are common elements of information that are managed uniquely for each business. The only way to ensure that information is managed according to your business model is a custom designed solution.

All new web applications are developed with AwareIM. AwareIM is Java based and is driven by a non-procedural rule based engine that offers 10x the speed of development and maintenance compared to other development tools. Applications will work exactly the same way on all popular operating systems. (Windows, Linux, MAC OS X) and databases (SQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle) or any other databases using

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