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At Cornerstone Software, we make a concerted effort to truly understand how and why your business operates so we can develop a solution that seamlessly works with your business.

- about my career

My Story

Sitting at a desk all day programming on one section of an application where you can’t see the entire picture is monotonous! That’s why once I had a taste of software development as a programmer I knew I wanted to be in a place where I could see the whole picture and be a part of the entire Software Development Life Cycle.

It was then I knew I wanted to become a consultant and develop custom software. There is a great feeling of satisfaction when you see the happy faces of management and office workers when they finally have a solution that they were a part of and helped design. They now have a system that helps them be more productive and gives them easier access to information.

My career in data processing started by working 3rd shift, running a large high-speed laser printer for an investment company. 3 years later I worked my way to 1st shift as a COBOL programmer. That was 1985!

A lot has happened since then and over the years I have developed systems for various industries and some unique business models. This experience allows me to see what is possible from a different perspective.

My passion for designing custom applications is what drives me to build something unique for your business. Seeing the vision begin to take shape is truly satisfying and helping companies and their employees create a system that they can call their own is so rewarding.

Speaking of Awards:
2008–Awarded the Community Spirit award from Magic Software for developing an application for the Non-Profit Industry
2005—2nd place winner of the “MIUG Ultimate Interface Competition”
2003—Winner of the “MIUG Ultimate Interface Competition”

- personal likes


Golf - One of the many outdoor activities I enjoy. I love the game of golf because of the many challenges and your score is up to you alone.  Golf is a true test of a person’s character and integrity.

Water Sports - Paddle Boarding, Kayaking being on the water

Volunteering - I enjoy giving back and helping a worthy cause. As Planning Director for the Charity Golf Tournament, On Course To Make a Difference, Benefiting the charitable outreaches of World-Wide Lighthouse Missions, Inc. A charitable, non-profit work for all humanity, supplying aid to those in need in the local and world wide community.  wwlm.org golf4wwlm.com

Hiking - Hike Organizer for Manchester Dog Owners Group (MDOG) Organizer and hike leader for monthly hikes for owners and their dogs to get out for off leash hikes. Socializing their dogs and meeting new people at the same time.  mdogct.com

- Words from our clients


“We were absolutely amazed at the results… Roger definitely exceeded our expectations… His personal character is critical to our excellent relationship”

--James LaBelle, LeadTrack Software, Fishers, IN

“Roger takes our detailed needs and using his creativity, expertise, and experience, produces a product that is always effective, thorough, and convenient to use and we are always happily impressed with the end product.”

--Rev. Eleanor M. Kalinsky, Pastor, Full Gospel Interdenominational Church, Inc. Manchester, CT

“Roger was very helpful in making suggestions to improve our system and implementing changes to meet our needs… Roger was able to meet all our requests we had to make our system run more smoothly to meet the changing need of our company…”

--Nancy Horton, Systems Coordinator, Prime Manufacturing, Union Bridge, MD

"I think the thing that is most striking about Roger Ross is his sincere desire to put forth a product that truly works for his client.  Our business model is extremely unique and our processes are not always logical to an outsider.  Roger made a concerted effort to truly understand how we did things and why so that he could develop a product that seamlessly worked into our daily lives.  Now we can”

--Melissa Parente, Project Leader Case Management Application, Quincy, MA

“First on behalf of WWLM Executive Board and Staff, let me express our sincerest appreciation for the many years that you have worked with WWLM in our processes for managing our donation information and detail. Your willingness to continually be on the four-front helping us tackle issues to bring about the most effectiveness has been such a strength to us, and ultimately what caused us to seek your services again. 

Working with you this time as we began to forge the plans for advancement of this new system, we have just found your level of expertise, excellence and efficiency has come to a new level. This is exciting, as it has even greater confirmed our confidence that together we will produce a very proficient model that will enable us to manage our priorities in the most effective manner. All of this will result in more time to dedicate to the most important matter at hand – seeing result and success being achieved for those less fortunate in our community and around the world! Please know today, that we are hiring you to do a ‘job’, but we don’t want you to ever feel that we don’t recognize and appreciate the kindness you have shown in the discounted price – which is just a testament to YOUR heart to be a blessing to Missions. 

It is our prayer that CSW will continue to be blessed for this kindness, and that growth, prosperity, favor and honor will come to you in all your future endeavors. We look forward to the journey we are embarking on together, and are so grateful that you are part of our team.”

--Adrienne Lautenbach, Vice-President / Missions Director World-Wide Lighthouse Missions Inc. Manchester, CT

Introduction by Art Pennington

A New Generation of Innovation

Roger Ross, President and founder of Cornerstone Software, LLC, located in Coventry, CT has information in his blood. As the great grandson of the famous Roger Babson, founder of Babson College and the investment information firm Babson's Reports (currently Babson-United, Inc.), Roger continues in the family tradition, making information accessible to business. Roger’s Cornerstone Software, LLC however, specializes in helping businesses use their own information to accelerate business results.

From the Rust Belt

Where Roger and the president of a major rolling mill elevated disgruntled employees into the modern world of advanced technology. After six failures at automating their workflow, employees were convinced it couldn’t be done. But, Roger showed them how, along with delivering impressive efficiency gains, eliminating double entry, and interfacing with their production system.

To the Exotic

Where Roger created a revolutionary solution for tour operators, enabling small tour operators to finally compete in the wholesale tour marketplace, and achieve unprecedented business efficiencies along the way.

To the Spiritual

Where he automated an amazing church. Everything was tracked manually, from clothing to fire trucks, Roger equipped this visionary minister with tools to track complete warehouses of donated goods shipped all around the world. Here stewardship and technology combined to make a huge difference for tens of thousands of people. 

Delivering Information that Makes a Difference

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Roger on a project for a company in Quincy, Mass. We had astounding results from that effort and it has become the subject of its own case study. Cornerstone Software, LLC has an impressive list of widely successful projects over a range of industries.

Large or small business, it doesn’t seem to matter. These principles work for any business time and again delivering impressive results with both low risk and low cost.

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